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The Village Bakery

Monday through Friday: 6:30am – 5:30pm
6:30am – 5:00pm
113 East Oak Street, West, TX 76691
Owners: Wendel and Georgia Montgomery
(254) 826-5151

The Village Bakery, established in 1952 by Wendel and Georgia Montgomery, is best known as "The First All-Czech Bakery in Texas." Signature items include such authentic Czech pastries as the kolache, klobasniki™, strudel, and buchta as well as a variety of pies, breads and cookies. A one-time pharmacist, Wendel was deemed "The Central Texas Godfather of Kolaches" and was responsible for the first marketing of Czech baked goods on a commercial level.

photo of kolachesWendel and Georgia's mother, Honey Morris, put their heads together and utilizing her talent in baking and his background in chemistry, the family recipe was redesigned for commercial distribution. Honey's traditional kolaches, filled with fruits and spices indigenous to Czechoslovaka (apricot, apple, prune, poppy seed, peach and cherry) were an immediate sensation. Over the years strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and cream cheese varieties have been added to the menu as concessions to the American appetite.

photo inside of Village Bakery"As for the sausage kolach, it was actually invented at the epicenter of the Village Bakery itself. Apparently the concept came to Wendel while he was eating a hotdog. He and Honey (Georgia's mother) experimented for a while before getting it right - plain or jalapeno sausage and sausage-and-cheese were both winners, but an attempt at sausage/sauerkraut never made it out of the test kitchen... Wendel went on to trademark his invention under the name klobasniki, a Czech word meaning little sausages."

Take time to check out all the historical photos of West and the Crash at Crush (an 1896 publicity stunt that featured the crashing of two 35-ton locomotives just a few miles south of town, the historical marker for the 'Crush' was moved to the West Katy Depot for the duration of the highway renovation).

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